Niagara County WorkSourceOne One-Stop Workforce Services

WorkSourceOne has all of the services you need for workforce development and training.  Use them as your company’s Human Resources Department!  WorkSourceOne provides a number of recruitment tools and training resources.

Recruitment Tools

WorkSourceOne conducts weekly recruitment events where you can meet with up to 30 interested candidates to discuss your company’s job opportunities. You can even do pre-screening interviews.

WorkSourceOne can help by:

  • Referring pre-qualified candidates for your available job openings
  • Screening potential applicants according to your job specifications
  • Marketing and publicizing positions available within your company
  • Providing organized forums to help you recruit qualified candidates
  • Conducting pre-employment literacy or skills testing

Training Resources

WorkSourceOne can also provide training assistance including:

  • On-The-Job-Training funds to reimburse 50-90% of your costs for training a qualified new hire in order to get them over the learning curve and fill their skills gap
  • Customized Training funds to assist in re-training your existing workers on a new machine, computer system, software program, etc. Up to 50% of your total training costs can be reimbursed.


Niagara’s WorkSourceOne One-Stop Center
1001 Eleventh Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14301
Phone: 716-278-8109